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Terry L. Craig

Christian Author & Publisher


My books

I've been writing since 1978 when I felt the Lord calling me to start a book about people living in the "last days."  In the beginning, it was just lots of pages of notes written to my sister. Over time, those notes became my first book, SWORDSMAN.


ISBN 9780990961697


ISBN 9781946549006


ISBN 9781946549013

When asked, "If someone could only read ONE of your books, which one would you suggest?"  my answer is always SWORDSMAN.  Why?  It isn't just an "end time" story, it's a book about FAITH.

If you want to read more about it, click here.


Eventually, SWORDSMAN became the last book in the Fellowship of the Mystery trilogy (with GATEKEEPER and SOJOURNER becoming Books 1 & 2).  Although SWORDSMAN openly declares the gospel, the first year it was published by Wild Flower Press Inc., the book was a finalist in a national secular contest in it's genre (Science Fiction).  All three books have been Amazon bestsellers in their genres. 

Cover of Scions of the Aegean C

ISBN 9780990961680

My current series of novels is entitled 

Scions of the Aegean C. 


In it, a young woman, Shaye Penway, longs to be known for her integrity and faith but makes mistakes that cost her everything—and change history. The whole series will be an ongoing narrative of love, choices, and God's ability to redeem.

Book 2 in the series, Through the Land of Cloud and Leaf,  is now available!  Wild Flower Press Inc. is offering an exclusive, special deal for both books in their site store. Paperback and ebook versions are also available at Amazon, Smashwords, the Apple iStore, and most fine retailers.

Cover of Through the Land of Cloud & Leaf

ISBN 9781946549020

Cover of Under an Open Sky

Under an Open Sky,

Book 3 in the Scions of the Aegean C series

How far can Love travel?

The epic narrative of love, choices, and God's ability to redeem continues! 

Adventure and danger with a fine love story


Paperback and ebook versions are available at Amazon, Smashwords, the Apple iStore, and most fine retailers.

Genres:  Christian Fiction> Romance, Christian SciFi, Steampunk

For Ages 16 and up

Paperback ISBN: 978-1-946549-04-4

Ebook ISBN: 978-1-946549-05-1

Cover of What Mama Never Told You about the Afterlife

Although I've written many non-fiction studies and articles, this is my only NON-FICTION BOOK. An Apologetic / study on  the differences between Biblical Christianity and "Christian Universalism." (It's an 8.5 x 11 inch workbook.)  I'm  a practical person, so I gave it the title,  

What Mama Never Told You about the Afterlife.  :-)

ISBN 9780990961659

In the future, there will be links here to pages that talk about why I wrote these books and what I wanted to say in them.  For now, I have links to the books' information pages at Wild Flower Press, Inc.




First and foremost, I'm a follower of Jesus Christ.  Beyond that I'm a wife to Bill (whom I've loved since I was 12), I'm a mom, and a grandma.

My daddy's soul was searching for something when I was growing up, so we moved a lot.  He loved being near water, so our relocations almost always involved water.  And then, I married a pilot . . . so we've moved a lot, and these relocations always involved airports.  :-)

We lived in the Caribbean for nearly two decades, all over the US, and I've visited nearly every state in the US, plus Mexico, Canada and Russia.  I've discovered that people may have lots of different labels, but we share many of the same concerns and joys.  We love our families and want our children and grandchildren to inherit a better world.  

I'm not a multitasker.  Actually, studies show that nobody is truly good at multitasking, but I have no illusions about my inability to do several things at once.   :-)  Therefore, my Facebook author page is often neglected.

I believe in free speech, so I'm also on Gab Yes, there are people with whom I heartily disagree on Gab, but free speech is free speech. Thus far, I've found Gab to be a place where the gospel can actually be shared with multitudes of people as opposed to the limited echo chamber of places like Facebook.


Terry L. Craig

From my earliest memory . . . I can say I believed there was a God.  I just wasn't sure WHO that was.  In my early twenties, I was already a wife and mother, stumbling my way through life, searching through many cult and occult teachings--never quite satisfied that I had found the Living Water my soul longed for.  That's when I was asked, "Why not try Jesus?"  After I'd tried so many other things . . . why not?  Now, after more than four decades of walking with Jesus, I can tell you unequivocally that I wouldn't trade my best day in the world with the toughest day I've known as a Christian.  

A lot of people have been given the false idea that once you become a Christian, the "happily every after" part of your life should start.  It's what everyone longs for isn't it?  But there really is no such thing as happily ever after in this world.  Not if you're rich, not if you're slim and have great skin, not if you're the ruler of your own country, not if you're famous, not if you could isolate yourself on your own little island--and not if you become a Christian.  While I do believe that Jesus can and does work miracles in the here and now, knowing Him doesn't make all your problems vanish. Rather, knowing Jesus is the comfort and surety that someone (who won't forsake you for a single moment while you are here) is willing to walk through every valley with you, forgive you when you fail, encourage you along the way, and celebrate your victories with joy.

Yes, for the Christian, there are sorrows and sacrifices along the way, but there is JOY . . . and MORE--both in this world and in the one to come.  I'll write more about this in coming days . . .





I write.  I've been a life-long learner, and that helps. I love reading and studying, and I'm one of those people that always wants to know WHY something is the way it is.  Why do doves and pigeons walk so goofy?  Why are some bodies of water blue while others are green or brown? Why do we use the word "ruthless" to describe someone, but never describe anyone as being "ruth"?  What makes someone like math?  Why do some who behave wickedly seem to "get away with it" while others who walk in goodness and kindness suffer?

It's easy to lose myself in research and writing.  I love stories, storytelling, and the methodical presentation of ideas--but I don't believe these things should be done simply for their own sake.  I want what I write to have a purpose.  Here are two articles I wrote about that purpose: Telling the Truth through Fiction, and Science Fiction and Our Brokenness (at Wild Flower Press, Inc.).


Although my paperback books are available through the Wild Flower Press, Inc. book shop, you can also buy them through, Barnes & Noble, and most other retailers. Amazon sells these books in Europe, the UK, Australia, New Zealand, and other countries.

Ebook versions of all my books are available through AmazonBarnes & Noble, the Apple iTunes Book Store, Smashwords, Kobo, and other fine ebook sellers around the world.  Many of my books are available as ebooks through local libraries (both in the US and UK).

I decided to open my own "indie" publishing company, Wild Flower Press, Inc.  in 2003. Wow, a LOT of things have changed during that time.  It used to be that being recognized and published via "traditional publishing" (through one of the Big Five publishing houses) was the only way to for a book to be considered legitimate or a commercial success.  For Christians, that could be extended to the larger Christian publishing houses.  But now . . . it's a wide open field.

If you research small, independent presses vs. the "big five" publishing houses, you'll see that the large conglomerates are losing ground to the "indie publishers" in sales.  In fact, small (often "niche" market) publishers sell about half the books in the market today.


Having said all that, I'll tell you that I don't stay awake at night longing for fame or fortune. As an author and a publisher, what matters most to me is helping people find my Father by delivering a message about faith.



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