If you only read ONE end time novel, make it


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It's the closest America has ever come to annihilation. . . .

Millions of survivors weigh their options as a massive ad campaign declares all of the elements are finally in place to end Martial Law and leap into a future that will see Mother Earth restored, clean energy, seamless technology, and people dwelling in peace and safety.  Each person's journey to it is tied to a single decision:  Sign the Notice of Allegiance, forsaking all loyalty to the boundaries and beliefs of the past.  As those who sign are lifted from crumbling slums and transitioned into new lives, opposition withers.  That's when a man known as Swordsman begins walking through the ruins, openly challenging the narrative of the new regime. Growing throngs hear his call to consider the real cost of their choice as animated devices everywhere display a countdown of the time left till those who resist will lose all means of sustaining life.

NEWEST EDITION (Same content, NEW look!)

End time / SciFi  / Faith


Under the Blood Moon
ISBN-13: 978-1946549013

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