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Some brief ideas on writing "Christian" content

The variety, beauty, and power of creation are testimonies to the infinite creativity of God. Have you ever sat and gazed at a valley filled with wildflowers or listened to the sound of a thundering waterfall and been overwhelmed with a sense of awe for the One who created all this?  Which one flower in the field was the one that caused you to give glory to God?  Which drop of water in the waterfall tipped the scale in favor of worship?  I need to embrace the sobering idea that my efforts are a small part of something greater than I am, just one drop of water in a resounding chorus.  The glory of it is His.

Long ago, the Church was a cradle of creativity.  Is that the case today, or have we become mere echoes of the world's whim of the moment?  What we must realize once again is that our Father is the ultimate creative being.  We need to stop and listen to His voice.

Who owns what we call "our" gifts and talents?  Can any of us take credit for what God has given?  Certainly, as long as we walk this earth, we can each learn and get better at how we use them, but coaches, mentors, and seminars don't impart the talent, God does.

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